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Summer Science Holiday Camps in Cambridgeshire 2016

Mad Science is running more awesome, hands-on Cambridgeshire Summer holiday camps in 2016. We've been busy in the Mad Science laboratories, creating a whole new set of mega marvellous, mind-blowing experiments for your mini Mad Scientists - let the fun begin....!

All Mini Mad Scientists welcome... Look no further for a brilliant, investigative science camp to fill your school holidays. Our main aim is always to have FUN!

25th July

26th July 
27th July
28th July
FULBOURN - The Fulbourn Centre, CB21 5BS Sporting Challenge DayZip Zap ZoomMega Machine ManiaSuperhero SensesSpy Academy 
CAMBOURNE - The Hub, CB23 6GW Spy AcademySporting Challenge DaySOLD OUTMega Machine ManiaSOLD OUT
BRAMPTON - Brampton Memorial Centre, PE28 4TBSuperhero Senses Spy AcademyCANCELLEDCANCELLEDCANCELLED
1st Aug
2nd Aug
3rd Aug
4th Aug
5th Aug
CAMBRIDGE CITY MORLEY - Morley Memorial Primary, CB1 7TXSporting Challenge Day Zip Zap ZoomSOLD OUTSOLD OUTSOLD OUT
BURWELL - Mandeville Hall, CB25 0ARSpy Academy
Sporting Challenge Day Zip Zap ZoomMega Machine ManiaSuperhero Senses
ROYSTON - St Mary's Catholic Church Hall, SG8 7DBMega Machine Mania Superhero Senses Spy Academy Sporting Challenge Day  Zip Zap Zoom 
8th Aug
9th Aug
10th Aug
11th Aug
12th Aug
ELY - Kings Junior School, CB7 4DB Zip Zap ZoomMega Machine Mania  Superhero Senses Spy Academy Sporting Challenge Day 
CAMBOURNE - The Hub, CB23 6GWFunky FliersCANCELLEDSparky ScienceMindblowing MagicKaboom! It's Che-Mystery
TRUMPINGTON - Trumpington Meadows Primary, CB2 9AYSpy Academy Sporting Challenge DayZip Zap ZoomMega Machine Mania Superhero Senses
WHITTLESFORD - Whittlesford Memorial Hall, CB22 4NESuperhero SensesSpy AcademySporting Challenge DaySOLD OUTMega Machine Mania
CAMBRIDGE CITY QUEEN EMMA - Queen Emma Primary, CB1 8QYSporting Challenge Day Zip Zap Zoom Mega Machine Mania  
Superhero Senses
Spy Academy 
15th Aug
16th Aug
17th Aug
18th Aug
19th Aug
FULBOURN - The Fulbourn Centre, CB21 5BSFunky Fliers Wacky Waves Sparky Science Mindblowing Magic  Kaboom! It's Che-Mystery
CAMBRIDGE CITY - Morley Memorial Primary, CB1 7TXMindblowing MagicSOLD OUTFunky Fliers
Wacky WavesSparky Science
BURY ST EDMUNDS - Culford Pre-Prep School, IP28 6TXMega Machine Mania Superhero SensesSpy Academy Sporting Challenge DayZip Zap Zoom
STEEPLE MORDEN - Steeple Morden Village Hall, SG8 0PDSpy Academy CANCELLEDZip Zap ZoomMega Machine Mania CANCELLED
GREAT CHESTERFORD - Chesterfords Community Centre, CB10 1NSSporting Challenge Day Zip Zap Zoom Mega Machine Mania  Superhero Senses Spy Academy  
22nd Aug
23rd Aug
24th Aug
25th Aug
26th Aug
ELY - Kings Junior School, CB7 4DBFunky FliersWacky Waves Sparky Science Mindblowing Magic Kaboom! It's Che-Mystery
NEWNHAM - Newnham Croft Primary, CB3 9JFMega Machine Mania Superhero Senses SOLD OUTSporting Challenge DayZip Zap Zoom

Times: daily 10am-3pm (please bring a packed lunch and drink - N.B. WE HAVE A NO NUT POLICY)

Online Booking: 

By Phone - 01223 880997
By Email -

EARLY BIRD COSTS (book by 5pm Tuesday 21st June):
 £32 per child/day! 
NORMAL COSTS (after 5pm Tuesday 21st June): 
5-Day Week Rate: £170 per child
Single Day Rate: 
£36 per child/day 
GROUP BOOKING DISCOUNT: Book 5 children or more for any day and each child comes along for £30 per day! (please phone 01223 880997 to book this discount)

Camp Topic Summaries

Sporting Challenge Day -
What do footballers, scientists and ballet dancers have in common? Explore how Newton helps us learn why we move the way we do and improve the games we play. Our mini Mad Scientists experiment to see how Science affects all areas of sports equipment, movement and technique. Piled high with fun and games – you won’t know where the day has gone!

Zip Zap Zoom -
Discover the dynamics of rocket flight – “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – take off”! Discuss and explore our Mad Science rockets while learning how and why they fly – in groups, design and launch your very own balloon rocket race! And finally take part in a NASA-style launching of model rockets.

Mega Machine Mania -
Catapult into this day of the Science of Marvellous Machines. Pinpoint the 5 simple machines and understand the science behind them. It's all to do with that wonderful word = ENERGY! See how our bodies sometimes work like a simple machine - clever, huh! And go on to play and experiment with some more complicated and exciting machines. A day full of engineering and technology basics for all you budding engineers!

Superhero Senses -
Who is your favourite superhero?? What special senses or powers do they have? And what happens if they lose their special superhero senses….?? This day explores the fascinating world of our sensational senses, how important they are and how our favourite superheroes can use them to save the world! Children will also use their very own superhero senses of touch, taste and smell to complete challenges during this all-encompassing day. And, just remember, seeing isn’t always believing….! Entering the world of optical illusions, your mini Mad Scientists will explore how we can fool our senses – the science behind it will explain all…

Spy Academy -
Look out 007—the Mad Science Spy Academy is in session! Step into the shoes of a detective—uncover the science involved in evidence gathering and analysis. Using the power of observation and all their Mad Science forensic training, our young detectives will have all they need to get started with their investigations. Children will find, collect, and analyze evidence using all the tricks and tests of the forensic trade! Then, they will explore fingerprint and footprint analysis, and become experts in handwriting as they try their hand at some real life graphology…!

Funky Fliers -
Courtesy of Mr Bernoulli’s laws of flight, your mini Mad Scientists will make all sorts of things move through the air! Using our knowledge of forces and aerodynamics, the children will create paper planes to change direction and attempt loop the loops! Then get ‘technical’ as we introduce the additions of rudders, ailerons and elevators – pretty impressive stuff, huh. Find out the science behind helicopters and where we can see their engineering reflected in nature…

Wacky Waves -
Children make waves with Wacky Water and immerse themselves in some wet and wonderful science. Sinking fizzy drinks cans will introduce the concept of density. The investigation continues with liquid layers in the Density Stacker activity. Children apply their knowledge to real-world problems such as oil spills. How hard are they to clean up?

Sparky Science -
Children get charged up about the science of current electricity! They learn how tiny invisible particles — electrons — power everything from the fridge to the radio. All their problem-solving skills are put to use to create series and parallel circuits. Completing the circuit lights a bulb and sounds a buzzer. Once children master circuits, they learn about insulators, conductors, and experiment to find out what conducts. Using this new know-how helps our mini Mad Scientists to solve mysterious hidden connections.

Mindblowing Magic -
The Science of Magic leaves children astounded, amazed, and educated! They learn how magicians use our assumptions and perceptions about how the world works to entertain us. Discovering how to make objects disappear and reappear using optical illusions, polymers, mirrors, as well as hidden compartments, sleight-of-hand, and misdirection are part of the learning experience. The art of escape with Houdini’s chains and the power of perception with the crayon mind-reading trick are a few classics.

Kaboom! It's Che-Mystery -

See Chemistry come alive before your eyes! The children discover the mysterious wonders of chemical science. They learn the difference between physical and chemical changes through exciting, hands-on investigations, watch crystals form in a water glass and see acetone reduce foam to a puddle of goo....! Children get their hands dirty with a non- Newtonian fluid and use hydrophobic compounds to make marbled masterpieces!

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