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Summer Science Holiday Camps in Cambridgeshire & Suffolk 2017

Mad Science is running more awesome, hands-on Cambridgeshire Summer Kids Camps & Suffolk Summer Kids Camps in 2017. We've been busy in the Mad Science laboratories, creating a whole new set of mega marvellous, mind-blowing experiments for your mini Mad Scientists - let the fun begin....! 

All Mini Mad Scientists welcome... Look no further for a brilliant, investigative science camp to fill your school holidays. Our main aim is always to have FUN!




Times: daily 10am-3pm (please bring a packed lunch and drink - N.B. WE HAVE A NO NUT POLICY)

Ages: 4-11 years

Online Booking:

By Phone - 01223 880997
By Email -

EARLY BIRD COSTS (book by 5pm Tuesday 20th June): £32 per child/day! 
NORMAL COSTS (after 5pm Tuesday 20th June): 
2-Day Week Rate (Brampton Camp): £68 per child

3-Day Week Rate (Steeple Morden & Gamlingay Camps): £102 per child
4-Day Week Rate (Hemingford Abbots & Week 6 Camps): £136 per child
5-Day Week Rate (All Other Camps): £170 per child
Single Day Rate: 
£36 per child/day 
GROUP BOOKING DISCOUNT: Book 5 children or more for any day and each child comes along for £30 per day! (please phone to book this discount)

Camp Topic Summaries

Blood, Bones & Body Bits
Today it’s all about our insides and outsides as we journey through the human body. What are we made of? Mighty muscles, boney bones, awesome oozing organs! As an adult we have 206 brilliant bones keeping together an amazing skeletal structure all covered with our biggest organ - our skin! So, from our skin to a healthy heart and lovely lungs, we will examine them all! What makes us shiver and quiver, twitch and smile? What happens to the food we eat? Digestion inspection here we come! Let’s travel from our awe-inspiring oesophagus, into the churning, munching, mashing machine - our stomach! Then onto the (not-so-small!) 22 foot small intestine, as we take the epic journey of our food and drink.... Which bits stay and which bits go?

Lights, Camera, Action!
Stand aside David Bailey, the Mad Science photography experts are in town! To start the day, the children delve deep into the world of light. Uncover the hidden components in ordinary light and see all the colours of the rainbow using diffraction glasses. All hail to Sir Isaac Newton and his wonderful work with prisms... Explore the brilliance of laser light - it's uses in astronaut science, business, technology, security and even discos! UV light gives us a glimpse of a different kind of light - and can tell us who has the whitest t-shirt and the shiniest teeth! Use chemistry to create our very own chemical light bulb and all the children will get to ‘catch their shadows’ using some fascinating physics… Then we all get ready to say 'cheese' and uncover the science behind photography... Your mini Mad Scientists will be playing our 'Reflection Protection' game, getting to grips with lenses and pupil power, having fun with our camera obscuras and delving into the world of diazzo pictures!

Epic Explosions
From the smallest FIZZ... to the biggest BOOM....! This day is jam packed full of the very best Mad Science Chemistry. Your mini Mad Scientists will be cooking up a storm in the Mad Science Lab, becoming experts at spotting every chemical reaction. Will it be a crazy change of colour, a magical change from solid to liquid, a bubbling production of gas or a quick change from hot to cold - they will learn to spot them all! Get those lab coats on guys - the Mad Science Chemistry Extravaganza is in session!   

Air-Raising Adventures
Up up and away! Let's harness the power of air as it makes science come alive before our eyes... During this day of air-raising adventures, we will catch the air from a balloon, make our very own air-filled ghost bubbles, have some funnel fun with vaccuums and see our favourite Mad Science characters get carried away (literally!) as we learn about the power of air thrust, air pressure, aerodynamics and the science behind them all. And who will become our Floating Ping Pong champion? It depends who has the most puff in their lungs! Then we will pay homage to the wonderful Daniel Bernouilli as we explore his very own 'Bernouilli's Principle' whilst watching beach balls and toilet rolls fly!

Making a Splash!
Science gets slippery! With a whole range of wonderful watery activities, your mini Mad Scientists will become experts in H2O. We'll be making our very own water/oil wave modulators and adding some sparkly effects! Then the children will learn how to hold water in their own hands using the priciples of cohesion and adhesion - who would have thought water could be so sticky! We'll watch water walk down a piece of string (is it magic - no, it's science!), create our very own water symphony (Beethoven, eat your heart out!) and play a game of floating eggs. By the end of the day, we will become experts in all the liquid legends on Earth!

Animal Antics
We are ready and waiting to bring your children into the amazing animal kingdom! Children learn about the most diverse and astounding creatures on earth as they experiment with camouflage and get hands-on with real tooth and claw replicas. They will then take a look at life in the sea as they plunge children into the depths of ocean life. Children explore different ocean ecosystems and learn about the plants and animals that live there. Classifying creatures from sharks to sponges gives them a real taste of ocean diversity.

Mega Mixtures
This day will challenge the children to branch out into the physical aspects of chemistry and whizz bang chemical reactions! An amazing four-layer mixture shakes up the idea of water and solutions. We also learn to solve the mysteries of solutes and solvents, then get into some 'hot water' where we witness some speedy molecules in action! We wil also make our own soap and become masters of mixture management as the children pick up concepts of physical mixtures, solutions, and suspensions with sorting activities.

Super Power Sources
It's time to become renewable energy superheros! Our mini Mad Scientists will embark on a quest for alternative energy sources. The children act as power hunters to pinpoint renewable and nonrenewable resources in our Spot The Source game. Can they use tight teamwork to turn on solar devices?? Or use a humble waterwheel to create a light show? And will a united breath of air manage to run a fan-powered light bulb? We finish the day with a closer look at wind power - the wonderful world of wind turbines and their breathtaking blades. Watch our giant turbine spin in a wind tunnel and discover that WIND POWER ROCKS!

Rockin' Robots
Children become wrapped up in the world of robotics! Volunteers act out a robot, remote control device, and an automaton. Children circulate round workstations to control an automaton through sound, move a robot through a maze, and make a soccer robot score a goal! The children will then go on to check out telecommunication technology and assemble sound wave-making devices. They even set-up telephone networks and learn about frequencies by using walkie-talkies and mobile phone technology – becoming technology experts before our very eyes!

Energy Burst
This energetic day explores energy transfer and energy conversion! Your mini Mad Scientists will jump and push up to reach their potential. Children will spring into action with poppers, Boinks, and jumping bugs.  We will also catapult into Newton's three laws of motion! Performing hands-on experiments that help the children learn that objects tend to stay in motion or remain at rest unless met by an unbalanced force. We will be sending crash test dummies flying and yanking a cloth from under dishes (with no breakages)!  

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