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Summer Science Holiday Camps in London 2017

Mad Science is running more awesome, hands-on London Summer holiday camps in 2017. We've been busy in the Mad Science laboratories, creating a whole new set of mega marvellous, mind-blowing experiments for your mini Mad Scientists - let the fun begin....! 

If you are between the age of 4 and 11 years old then look no further and become a Mini Mad Scientist with our brilliant, investigative activity camp that will fill your school holidays with FUN & SCIENCE!! 

Times: Daily 10:00am-3:00pm (please bring a packed lunch and drink - N.B. WE HAVE A NO NUT POLICY)

Online Booking: 

By Phone - 0203 031 6900
By Email -

EARLY BIRD COSTS: £32 per child/day(book by 5:00pm Tuesday 20th June 2017)!
NORMAL COSTS (after 5pm Tuesday 20th June 2017):
5-Day Week Rate: £170 per child

4-Day week Rate (Wimbledon 3 only): £136 per child

Single Day Rate: £36 per child/day

GROUP BOOKING DISCOUNT: Book 5 children or more for any day and each child comes along for £30 per day! (please phone 0203 031 6900 to book this offer)

Camp Topic Summaries

Mad Science Detective Agency

Come along and create your own unique badge and join the Mad Science Detective Agency. Learn what it takes to be a detective, use dead drops and learn how to pass coded messages to other agents. Investigate evidence using detective skills to solve the Mad Science mystery.

Epic Explosions

Yes, we said explosions!! What’s more fun than using science to create explosive chemical reactions and witnessing the epic results?  From making your own rockets, to bangs, pops and booms, it’s all happening in this fun filled day of solids, liquids, and gases! 

Space Adventure      

Space is one of the most exciting places mankind has explored. From planets, to moons, to asteroids to stars, come along and enhance your space knowledge and learn about all the wonders of our solar system.

Sensational Senses

How good are your senses? Find out with our science tests which will tantalise your taste buds, spellbind your sight, nos-thrill your nos-tril, excite your ears and tease your sense of touch!  

Mini Mad Science Labs

Join Mad Science and become a mini mad scientist! Create the best type of chemical reactions by mixing solids and liquids together but can you guess what the outcome will be? From endothermic to exothermic reactions, this day is all about chemistry!

Shocking Circuits

Spark your imagination in our electrifying day. Where does electricity come from? Where is it stored and how does it work? Light up the day by creating parallel and series circuits. Get involved in some hair-raising experiments as we dive into the world of electricity! Create in-door lightning and take part in making our very own human light bulb!

Super Sticky Stuff

From masking tape, to Vaseline to Velcro, if it sticks, we’ll be testing it out! We’ll be learning all about suction and static and everything sticky.  You’ll have the chance to indulge in making slime, have fun with polymers, so be ready to get stuck in!     

Construction & Destruction

What is a structure and how are they created? Learn all about the shapes and forces that affect a structure. Construct a bridge or building using our range of tools.  What’s even more fun than constructing a great building? Destroying it using our missile air pump launcher! 

Funky Fliers

What comes up must come down! Gravity, Lift, Thrust, and Drag are all what is needed in this day of flying competitions. Make and test your very own delta dart, stunt flier, loop glider and twirling dirigible all which you can take home! End the day with flying tea bags and a real life rocket launch. 

Polar Opposites

What is a magnet and how do they work? From North Pole to South Pole and the magnetic fields around, use magnets to make your own levitating doughnuts to take home and see the effects of a neodymium magnet. Learn all about hot and cold and freezing and boiling points as we make handmade thermometers.

Glow Show

Discover amazing things that glow bright in the dark and come to light. Probe into the properties of light and explore some unusual applications of glow in the dark technology. Uncover the hidden components in ordinary light and colours. Take part in various activities involving chromatography, lasers, lights, shadows, diffraction, and even attend a spectacular “indoor fireworks” chemical energy display.

The Human Body

Bacteria, germs, microscopic little things! Aarrrghhh! But what if I told you that you have ten times more bacteria in your body than human cells? Find out about the amazing world of bacteria and other microorganisms, then take our lung capacity test and piece together our bag of bones!

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