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Summer Science Holiday Camps in Essex and Suffolk 2017

Mad Science is running more awesome, hands-on Essex and Suffolk Summer holiday camps in 2017. Let the fun begin....!

All Mini Mad Scientists welcome... If you are between the age of 4 and 11 years old then look no further for a brilliant, investigative activity camp to fill your school holidays. Our main aim is always to have FUN!




Times: Daily 10am-3pm (please bring a packed lunch and drink.) Please be aware we operate a NO NUT policy.


Online Booking: 

By Phone - 01992 618 094
By Email -

EARLY BIRD COSTS (book by 5pm Tuesday 20th June):
 £32 per child/day! 
NORMAL COSTS (after 5pm Tuesday 20th June): 5-Day Week Rate: £170 per child, Single Day Rate: £36 per child/day 
GROUP BOOKING DISCOUNT: Book 5 children or more for any day and each child comes along for £30 per day! (please phone to book this discount)  


Topic Synopsis


Prehistoric Party

Join us as we travel back in time to the land of the dinosaurs! Learn about the Jurassic size of these creatures, how they move, what they eat, how they fight and how they defend themselves! Make your very own dinosaur tooth and become a mini archaeologist as we go digging for dinosaur bones! Can you extract all the parts of the dinosaur and piece them back together with expert precision to discover the true stature of these incredible beasts!


Journey to Space

3…2…1…BLAST OFF on the Mad Science spaceship into the (out of this) world of planets, space and rockets! What makes up our solar system? How do rockets make it into space and how do astronauts live in space? These are all questions you will learn the answer to through our Mad Science Astronaut Training! Battle against centrifugal force, perfect your engineering skills and prepare the Mad Science Rocket before its big launch at the end of the day!


Fantastic Flight

Daniel Bernoulli was a very, very clever man! Join us as we learn all about his principals of flight and air pressure! Witness air-raising experiments as we discover air equilibrium, lift, gravity, thrust and drag and how they affect flight! Who can make the best flying machine? Who can be the flying ping pong champion and can we make toilet roll fly? Discover all of this and more on this air-mazing day of fun!


Polar Opposites

Things are about to heat up in the world of magnets! From North Pole to South Pole, discover the magnetic field that surrounds our earth. Use magnets to make your very own levitating doughnuts to take home and see the effects of a neodymium magnet! Then, things really heat up as we learn all about freezing and boiling points through the making of handmade thermometers!


Spark your Imagination

Watts Up junior scientists! Watt is the difference between current and static electricity? And how does electricity work? Let’s find out together as we create parallel, series and HUMAN circuits to power a light bulb! Our Van de Graff generator will provide an electrifying experience as we create indoor lightning which will, quite literally, make your hair stand on end! 


Phunky Physics

Dive into the world of fun-damental forces! Learn all about the man who has the measurement of a force named after him, Sir Isaac Newton! Learn all about Newton’s laws of motion including inertia, Vortex chambers, balancing bolts and gyroscopes! How do they work and what do they do….?


Super-Secret Science

Mad Science’s favourite experiments of the year all crammed in to one super exciting day for a fantastic sensory experience! From the states of matter, non-Newtonian fluids and slime making to Sonic Sounds and tantalising taste! A real mix of mad science’s favourites!


Funky Forensics

There’s been a crime in the Mad Science lab! We need our best junior detectives to join as we try and solve the case! We need your best forensic skills to gather, categ orise, and analyse the evidence! How can bugs help us in our investigation? Use your skills to re-create tracks to track the criminal down…


Detective Dexterity

Fibres, materials and fingerprints! These things are so important when being a junior Mad Science Detective! Learn about how to take fingerprint samples and to classify fibres that are taken from a crime scene! Water testing and flame testing will help us on our way to solid scientific hypothesis!


Secret Agent Training

Spy codes, tools and secret communication, what’s the best way for a secret agent to communicate? Join the likes of James Bond, Austin Powers and Agent Cody Banks as you complete the Mad Science secret agent training programme! Learn how to use Morse code, dead drops, and how to decipher secret messages in order to become a Mad Science Secret Agent!


Agent Undercover

Get to grips with all the top gadgets that spies use! Learn how to use two way radios, spy Vision goggles and metal detectors as well as invisible ink and surveillance devices. Then, suing that knowledge, design your very own spy gadget that looks like a normal, everyday object! Careful, make sure no one has bugged you on your way to camp…


Under Lock & Key

With all the high tech gadgets that spies use, and all the secret communication devices that they use, how we can make sure everything stays safe and secure? On this day we will learn all about the science of security! Locks ‘n’ clocks, alarms and lasers, discover and learn about the best ways to create a super-secret, super safe environment on your path to become a Mad Science spy! 




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